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2020 TEEAP STEM Conference Special Interest Sessions

Application to present will be open May 4th - July 30th, 2020

Presenters: Attendees who are interested in presenting are encouraged to apply using the form below. Given we are going to have a virtual format this year, we are looking for live and prerecorded presentations. 

Themes and Strands: The theme for this year's STEM Conference is Focus on the Future. There are four strands this year to support our theme. They are listed below.  

Strand 1: Encouraging the Next Generation toward Technological & Engineering Literacy

Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (2020) stated, “Technology and engineering education programs provide a unique mechanism for achieving (technological and engineering literacy) by delivering an integrated, design-based approach to teaching and learning.”  Sessions in this strand should provide examples of how technology and engineering programs are encouraging technological and engineering literacy to the next generation of students across all grade levels.

Strand 2: Early Learning in STEM Education

The preschool and elementary grades provide the best opportunity to instill a life-long curiosity and interest in all things related to technology and engineering.  Sessions in this strand should highlight examples of how young students are being encouraged to learn about and engage with STEM education.

Strand 3: Content in STEM Education

The content of STEM, and specifically Technology and Engineering Education, is always expanding as our technological world continues to evolve and grow.  Recently, content such as computer science and coding, creativity, career readiness, and technological research and development have become important topics of discussion in the profession.  Sessions in this strand should provide examples of how new and innovative content has been successfully integrated into the study of STEM with an emphasis in technology and engineering.

Strand 4: Context in STEM Education

The circumstances that form the setting for the study of technology and engineering are the context in which the study occurs.  Contexts such as cross-curricular and co-curricular programs (STEM, STEAM, STREAM), or Problem-Based Learning (PBL) programs, or Makerspaces can significantly affect what is taught and how it is learned.  Sessions in this strand should showcase strategies for successfully building a learning context to enable the development in students of technological and engineering literacy.   

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