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October 21st, 2020

Early Learning in Technology and Engineering Education


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Live Session 1, 4:15-5:00 PM 

  • Title: Using Children’s Literature to Develop Design Thinking

  • Principle Presenter: Patricia Binkley

  • Co-Presenter: Kammas Kersch

  • Co-Presenter: Michele Mislevy 

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Live Session 2, 5:15-6:00 PM 

  • Title: STEM Tools for Early Childhood Learners

  • Principle Presenter: Scott Read

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Live Session Recordings

Introducing the new VEX 123 and VEX Go for Early Learners

Scott Read

Take a look at the new VEX 123 and VEX Go platforms from VEX. VEX 123 is an interactive, programmable robot that takes Computer Science and Computational Thinking off of the screen and brings them into the hands of elementary students. VEX GO is an affordable STEM construction system that taps into children's natural inquisitiveness. VEX GO utilizes the VEX IQ plastic construction system and adapts it for elementary students.

STEAM and Coding Workshop by SAM Labs

Ashli Maholland, Fred Wolfe, and Mackenzie Meixner

With a unique combination of wireless Bluetooth hardware, software, and content, SAM Labs offers an engaging solution to bring STEAM and computational thinking into the K-8 classroom and distance learning. With easy-to-implement lessons aligned to CCSS, NGSS, CSTA...SAM Labs incorporates multiple subjects!

During this hands-on Workshop you will:

Dive into engaging coding activities and explore Blockly

Expand knowledge, skill, and comfort with STEAM and Coding tools

Review SAM Labs STEAM and Coding solutions for K-5

Defending Elementary STEM Programs

Molly Miller

While you may be passionate about the importance of integrative STEM education for all students, including Elementary learners, do your school officials and administrators feel the same? This session will provide a basis of understanding and background on the STEM initiative, provide a research-based approach to defending STEM programs for the benefit they have on young learners, and provide advocacy steps for making real change in your own sphere of influence. Let's work together to support, defend, and expand quality integrative STEM teaching and learning at the elementary level.

STEM Integrative Curricula: Engineering byDesign™ PreK – 6th Grade 

Darcie Jones & Ryan Novitski

The Engineering byDesign™ Program is built on the belief that the ingenuity of children is untapped, unrealized potential that, when properly motivated, will lead to the next generation of technologists, innovators, designers, and engineers. The Engineering byDesign™ curriculum courses are research based and formulated to reach all student learners through a learning management system enabling educators to monitor student progress through formative and summative assessments. This presentation will provide an overview of the sequence of learning of the Prek-6 curricula, description, and highlight how to access the curriculum/frameworks that can be used to teach your Technology and Engineering Education classroom via Engineering byDesign™.

You Can't Have Art Without Architecture iSTEM Curriculum

Grace Haley & Lexie Sites

Alexis Sites and Grace Haley dive into their experiences in their STEM minor practicum course in creating and implementing an iSTEM virtual curriculum for pre-kindergarteners. This curriculum focused on implementing STEM and other subject areas into an interactive iSTEM experience for students all from their home! The teachers explain what resources and strategies benefitted them in a virtual environment and how they found STEM important for children as young as preschool. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at and!

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