Technology & Engineering Education
Association of Pennsylvania

October 20th, 2020

Encouraging the Next Generation Toward

Technology and Engineering Literacy 

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Live Session 1, 4:15-5:00 PM 

  • Title: iSTEM for Kids: Virtual Platform
  • Principle Presenter: Sydney Stoddart
  • Co-Presenter: Alexis Hurrell

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Live Session 2, 5:15-6:00 PM 

  • Title: Toy Design Using 3-D Modeling and Printing
  • Principle Presenter: Cindy English
  • Co-Presenter: Brad Fessler

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Live Session Recordings

Two Ways to Code with Ozobots

Judy Craig

Sharing how to code with Ozobot Bits & Evos using Color Coding and Block Coding website Ozoblockly. Also included is a way to teach coding virtually using a virtual Ozobot.

Drones for the Win!

Nicole Shoemaker, Timothy Heffernan, Daniel Mehay

Presenters will detail an exciting program that was a joint venture between PA Rural Robotics and For the Win Robotics. The virtual program allowed participants to assemble a mini-drone, learn to fly it, and then use Workbench to code it. Concepts of forces related to flight and safety precautions were also covered. Participants this summer included a large group of teachers who then were able to (or will be able to) conduct the program with groups of students.

Using Tech to Engage Students in Deeper Learning

Annabel Fowler, Jenny Nakamura

How can we make sure that the content we teach our students sticks with them throughout their futures? As technology continues to become more deeply embedded in classrooms, more opportunities exist for digital instruction to play a large role in how students make sense of the content they learn. During this session, educators will explore the role that rigorous instruction plays in equipping students with a deep understanding of academic standards. Educators will walk away with a bank of resources and strategies, both digital and offline, to engage students in rigorous learning starting tomorrow.

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