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Teach Technology & Engineering Education in PA

The Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania is often contacted by the school districts with job openings for Technology & Engineering Education professionals! What you will find here does not represent all of the potential openings here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but rather only those made known to our association. For additional job openings, check out our Job Search Page.

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Recruiting the Next Generation of Technology & Engineering Educators

Technology and Engineering Teaching is a great career!

Teaching is rewarding:

  • Teachers make a difference in the lives of their students. A good teacher can positively influence hundreds or even thousands of students in his/her lifetime. Think about the teachers who had an impact on you and imagine how you can inspire others!
  • Teacher’s salaries are competitive. According to the National Education Association in 2012 the average Pennsylvania teacher salary was $61,943 per year. The average starting salary for Technology & Engineering Teacher graduates in 2008 was $37,000.

Teaching provides many opportunities:

  • Job prospects for Technology & Engineering Education teachers are exceptional, with more positions available than there are graduates to fill them.
  • Technology & engineering teachers work in a creative and dynamic learning environment. These teachers typically have abundant opportunities to learn and explore new tools, machines, and other technologies as they prepare for their classes and work with students.

Get information about schools where you can become a Technology & Engineering Teacher.


Pennsylvania has two great schools where you can become a Technology & Engineering Teacher — California University and Millersville University. Both of these programs:

  • Prepare you for K-12 technology education teaching certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Many states have reciprocity with Pennsylvania, which generally enables graduates to apply for certification there once they have the Pennsylvania certification.
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in technical areas such as computer-aided drafting and design, graphic communication, manufacturing, construction, electronics, automation/robotics, and many more.
  • Learn to integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts within the technology education curriculum.

Additional Job Search Resources

There are a number of job search sites on the web. TEEAP has gathered a number of links to resources that list openings in Pennsylvania, and in some cases across the nation. Many of these websites also provide some great resources for new teachers and those considering becoming teachers.

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