2015 TEEAP sTEm Conference

We would like to invite you to attend our 63rd Annual TEEAP Conference at the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel & Conference Center in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

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Thursday General Session - Developing STEM Best Practices for your Classroom

How can you develop innovative / integrative STEM based curriculum for your Technology Education programs? At State College Area’s Park Forest Middle School (PFMS), the Technology Education Instructors: William Hughes, Greg Wilson, Ron Shealer, and Jeff Seamans have created a number of STEM Best Practices that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—integrative classroom projects.

By expanding the technology curriculum and incorporating applied science and mathematics into the activities, we the PFMS technology education instructors were able to work with science and mathematics teachers to expand the information content that students would not normally receive in the average classroom into those activities.

Mr. Hughes is a Penn State University Graduate, Mr. Seamans is a Penn State University and Wilkes University graduate, Mr. Shealer is a graduate of Millersville University and Virginia Tech, and Mr. Wilson is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania. The four instructors have over 100 years of combined experience as technology education instructors. Park Forest Middle School Technology Education instructors have been successful in applying and receiving grants, equipment donations, program excellence award, and receiving tech educator of the year award(s).

Friday General Session - Ideas for Making Technology and Engineering More Marketable In Schools
David A. Janosz, Jr.

Dave will shared several proven ideas and strategies for making the study of technology and engineering more marketable and more permanent in schools. How can you use new commodities, desired skills, and a basic understanding of marketing and branding to take your school program to the next level? How can things that people care about and connect with these days such as 3D printing, coding, STEM, and social media help develop the power of ingenuity in our young people? These things are compelling, but we have to make sure we do it right by staying true to a design pedagogy where the students are driving their own learning.

Dave Janosz is currently a supervisor in the Northern Valley Regional High School district, New Jersey. He has nearly twenty years of experience of designing programs for students in grades pre-K through 12. Dave is a co-author of McGraw-Hill's "Pre-Engineering" program for high schools and the author of a children's interactive iBook titled "Engineers Decide." He blogs at TeachIngenuity.com and tweets @TeachIngenuity.

TEEAP Banquet

STEM-Ready for Manufacturing: Mr. Keith Campbell

Keith Campbell has been actively engaged in manufacturing automation and advanced technology for 40 years, 30 of those in engineering and leadership roles for manufacturers and the most recent 10 as an advocate for workforce development and technology education in America. 

During his industrial career, he held various maintenance, engineering, IT,  managerial and executive positions with The Hershey Company and served as Vice-President of Western Operations for a robotic packaging systems builder.  Before retiring from Hershey, he was Senior Director of Automation and Integration, and Director and Information Technology Relationship Manager for Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D and Quality.  He was responsible for the company's annual Manufacturing Technology Planning activity and a member of the Engineering Capital Committee, both with responsibilities covering 20 plus manufacturing plants.  While at Hershey,  he served terms as Director of the Instrument Society of America's Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division and was the founding Director of the OMAC Packaging Workgroup, an international body that develops technology standards and best practices for manufacturing.

Today as a private consultant, Keith assists high schools, community colleges and universities in establishing multi-disciplinary engineering technology programs and serves as Project Director and auditor for the Industrial Maintenance Training Center of North America which provides Advanced Manufacturing / Integrated Systems Technology credentials for students who have completed any of several approved programs of study from IMTCNA certified schools.  As Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Mechatronics Advisory Council, he was instrumental in the creation and approval by the US DOL of the Mechatronics Competency Model and assisted in the creation of a competency-based model apprenticeship in industrial maintenance and mechatronics which is awaiting DOL's final approval.  He assisted PMMI- The association for packaging and processing technology, with the design and development of their mechatronics certification program that has been endorsed by the National Institute of Manufacturers as part of the Manufacturing Skills Certification System.  He is presently leading the development of a hands-on capstone exam for this program and is writing study guides to help candidates prepare for the certification exams.

Keith is a contributing author for Packaging World, Automation World and Healthcare Packaging magazines and writes a blog on workforce development and manufacturing technology issues for Summit Media Group.  As an "unaffiliated observer",  Keith is able to write OnTheEdgeBlog.com to challenge traditional views, be a bit 'edgy', and spark discussion in the industry.   Keith was a member of the Advisory Board for and wrote the introduction to Summit's Packaging Machinery Automation Playbook, one of a series of Playbooks covering various advanced manufacturing topics.   A bit over a year ago, he convinced Summit's owners to supplement the series with a Playbook that addresses the workforce skills crisis in America.  The Manufacturing Workforce Development Playbook was published in May with Keith serving as editor and author of several chapters.  The books premise is to relate proven strategies and best practices to enable government, education and industry to collaboratively solve the workforce crisis, in support of a manufacturing renaissance in America.  The topic has proven to be of interest around the world, with copies of the Playbook being downloaded in 70 countries, 6 provinces and 53 states and territories.  The book is available at www.PackWorld.com/workforce and Keith may be reached at Keith@CampbellManagementServices.net


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Engineering by Design

Pennsylvania is a member state of the ITEEA's STEM Center for Teaching & Learning Consortium through partnership with California Univ. of PA, Millersville Univ., PA Dept. of Environmental Protection, the TEEAP and the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC). Schools across PA have free access to Engineering byDesign™ products. If you are interested in accessing it you need to accept the Licensing & Distribution Agreement and fill out the web form by clicking here. Once your request is received the URL to the PA page will be sent to you. 

2015 TEEAP STEM Conference

I am delighted to invite you to the 2015 TEEAP STEM Conference at the 63rd Annual Conference for this organization. Please consider being a part of this outstanding event as a presenter, exhibitor, or just take part by attending — be a part of the STEM movement!

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ITEEA in Washington D.C. 2016

The theme ITEEA's 78th Annual Conference will be held right in our nation's capital! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (sTEm) is very much a “buzzword” on today’s educational landscape. Every teacher, school, district, and state has its own version of what sTEm means as well as how to help students engage in experiences that will prepare them for the 21st Century. Technology and Engineering is the foundation for making these experiences meaningful through integrative sTEm education. sTEm implementation embodies the spirit of partnerships—working collaboratively to reach common goals.

This conference is an opportunity to recognize and honor the accomplishments of our colleagues and best-practice programs. Additionally, it provides professional development and networking opportunities, as well as opportunity to renew old friendships and create new friendships. For more information, click here.