2015 TEEAP sTEm Conference

I would like to extend sincere thank you to everyone who attended the 63rd TEEAP — STEM Conference. This year’s conference theme was “Addressing the “T” and “E” in STEM”. This is an exciting time for technology and engineering teachers as attention to STEM initiative are everywhere. We as an organization need to capitalize on this movement! Than you again to everyone who attended this year’s conference, and for being a part of this STEM movement!

Now more than ever it is crucial that you attend the annual TEEAP conference and make this part of your yearly professional development! The application to present and next years conference is now available. Information concerning 2016 conference registration, location, and hotel reservation will be available in July 2016.

Scott Farmer
2015 TEEAP President

2016 Special Interest Session Application

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2016 Conference Registration & Accomodations

  • Registration materials for our 2016 Conference will be available by July 2016. If you need to know conference fee information for budgeting purposes, please contact us and we can let you know the most up to date information at the time.

2015 Conference Schedules

2015 Exhibit Floor& TechFest

  • Materials will soon be available here for our members to look at some of the great things that were presented at the TechFest.
  • A new Exhibior Guide will also be available very soon for anyone interested in learning more about the goods and services provided by our exhibitors.

2015 TEEAP Conference Details

Thursday General Session

Wendy Green
Marine Academy of Science and Technology (M.A.S.T.)

Wendy, a graduate of Burlington Township HS ('83) and The American Institute of Design & Drafting ('86) in Northeast Philadelphia, and Trenton State College ('93), currently resides in Ocean Township, NJ. She taught at the American Institute of Design & Drafting for eight years, the Howell Middle School for one year, Shore Regional High School in West Long Branch for three years. Since 1998, Wendy has been teaching 9th and 12th grade at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology. She has an associate degree in Architectural Design and Drafting, CAD training, a BS in Industrial Arts and has been teaching Technology Education for the past 20 years.  She also has taught Content & Methods and the Seminar classes for technology student teachers at The College of New Jersey. Wendy has been a coach of several sports and a basketball referee. She enjoys teaching through themes and has transformed her classroom into a bat cave, coral reef, and pirate ship over the past few years. Rumor has it that she is steampunking her classroom next!

Wendy is the 2006-7 and 2013-14 past president of the New Jersey Technology and Engineering Education Association (NJTEEA). She is the recipient of one of the Innovative Technology Educator and several Image Awards from NJTEEA. She was the curriculum focus group coordinator for technology in Monmouth County Vocational School District for four years. She has also been the advisor for the Technology Student Association Chapter at her school for 15 years.

 Her passion is helping students find their passion and providing them with realistic problems to solve ranging from fishing lure and cat furniture design to simulated space and submarine missions. Her 12th grade capstone projects include underwater ROV,s quadcopters, green marinas and structure renovation, vertical wind turbine redesign and biofuels. She has recently connected with a local aquarium and has two student groups designing solutions to problems related to the shark tank exhibits. She strives to give students every opportunity to become the best technical writers, researchers, draftspersons and illustrators and learn a design process that engineers use in the field. She currently teaches 10th and 12th grade at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology. Her most recent attempts to bring the problem solving process to a new level involves analysis at every step of the way. 

Friday General Session

This we tried out something different with the Friday General Session. For years we that TEEAP is full of exciting members who do amazing things. This year we put together Friday’s spotlight not on a guest speaker but on our members t to showcase what we as educators do, what we know, and how we can help each other.

So here is how it worked, think of this as the largest Tech Fest TEEAP has ever hosted. We assembled a dedicated group of educators to share what it is that they do related to technology and engineering education. That means sharing all types of technology and engineering education. The turn out and response was outstanding!

Will we do it next year? Yes. Will it be a General session? That will be up to next year's planning committee. There always has been and there hopefulyl always will be a Tech Fest. It is an easy way to share what you do in a less formal environment than a Special Interest Session presentation, not to mention that as compensation for your time we will provide you with an official Thank You Letter from TEEAP. I know it is not much but in the world of Danielson it is these types of activities that add to your Domain 4 score!

Engineering by Design(EbD) Training Sessions

We also offered some sessions on Enginieering by Design. The EbD curriculum is a dynamic, hands-on, minds-on STEM curriculum for Grades K-12. The CORE program is based on the Common Core State Standards and the Standards for Technological Literacy. Normally these training sessions would cost the participants $125.00 per person for each session. However, we were able to offer these sessions as part of our conference registration at no additional fee to those who participated.

More Information on the EbD curriculum can be found here: http://www.iteea.org/EbD/ebd.htm


Engineering by Design

Pennsylvania is a member state of the ITEEA's STEM Center for Teaching & Learning Consortium through partnership with California Univ. of PA, Millersville Univ., PA Dept. of Environmental Protection, the TEEAP and the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC). Schools across PA have free access to Engineering byDesign™ products. If you are interested in accessing it you need to accept the Licensing & Distribution Agreement and fill out the web form by clicking here. Once your request is received the URL to the PA page will be sent to you. 

2015 TEEAP STEM Conference

I am delighted to invite you to the 2015 TEEAP STEM Conference at the 63rd Annual Conference for this organization. Please consider being a part of this outstanding event as a presenter, exhibitor, or just take part by attending — be a part of the STEM movement!

Visit our 2015 Conference page by clicking HERE.

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ITEEA in Washington D.C. 2016

The theme ITEEA's 78th Annual Conference will be held right in our nation's capital! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (sTEm) is very much a “buzzword” on today’s educational landscape. Every teacher, school, district, and state has its own version of what sTEm means as well as how to help students engage in experiences that will prepare them for the 21st Century. Technology and Engineering is the foundation for making these experiences meaningful through integrative sTEm education. sTEm implementation embodies the spirit of partnerships—working collaboratively to reach common goals.

This conference is an opportunity to recognize and honor the accomplishments of our colleagues and best-practice programs. Additionally, it provides professional development and networking opportunities, as well as opportunity to renew old friendships and create new friendships. For more information, click here.